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About the Author

Brain Dead Laura

Laura Roodman Edwards Roodman Edwards Ray (she married and divorced the same man with the same problems twice, hence the very long name) lives in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri with her two daughters, her loving husband, and a stepson close by.  She is a full-time mom, law firm sales representative, public speaker, messy cook, proud co-producer/co-director of Listen to Your Mother- St. Louis and author.

She is currently finishing the third volume of her memoir, “Forever Brain Dead” and is planning on her fourth volume called “Night of the Living Brain Dead” to come out in the Fall 2015.  She hopes that this annual occurrence to reading the strange stories of her life and picking up great recipes at the same time is all right with the readers.
She also welcomes anyone from the “Smoking Gun” or any other “truthful literary agency” to try to prove that her memoir is made up at all. That would be a lot less embarrassing to her, as well as to her family!  Check out her new stand-up routine (do you believe it?!?) at


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