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Recipe Contest

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I am doing contest for the best recipes and/or the best stories that my viewers/readers have that tie into the theme of all of my books, which is: WHO NEEDS AN IMAGINATION…YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP, EVEN IF YOU TRIED…and cooking, laughing and eating is the best remedy to a crazy life. The runner-ups would win a set of my books, the grand prize winner would win a spot to be in one of my video cooking shows, and that way they too will leave my home in a FOOD COMA....

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Brain Dead metioned in QuirkOut! column on StlToday

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My new cooking show and hopes for being on the Show Shark Tank were mentioned on StlToday by columnist Diane Kline. Check it out, and then vote for me to be on Shark Tank!

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Vote For Me To Be On Shark Tank!

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Hello Wonderful Friends & Family, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME TO BE ON SHARK TANK!  Click on the below link: If you could just click on the ‘thumbs up’ on the sidebar, I believe that counts for one vote and gets me one vote closer to making a national fool out of myself, and my children and husband even more humiliated by my antics! I had a bug up my butt to sign-up for the television show Shark Tank (that show where billionaires give money to people who have, or think they have great ideas) I thought if I had more money, help, knowledge, etc. to invest in my books, videos, condiments, speaker series, or whatever the hell I dream up in the next 10 minutes, (because, let’s be honest,…I haven’t a clue what I’m doing, but having a really fun time doing it), and I may just get one of these things that I’ve been working so hard on to finally get off the ground. (What a concept?!?) Bottom line, I need all of the votes I can get in order to have any kind of chance to even be on the show to make my pitch. IF YOU VOTE FOR ME, JUST LET ME KNOW AND I’LL MAKE YOU A BRISKET!   Thank you so much and HAPPY NEW YEAR! User account | Shark Tank Zone Get on Shark Tank...

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Book Signing

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This Saturday, November 9th at 9am – 12Noon I’m very excited to do my first official book signing at my lovely friend, Maria Altrudo’s fabulous restaurant: Still Brain Dead Book Signing Poster 6 NORTH CAFE 14438 Clayton Road Ballwin, MO 63011 636-527-0400 I’ll be signing both books, “Brain Dead in the Burbs and Cooking Your Way Back to Sanity” and “Still Brain Dead & Cooking” Hope you can...

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Once again…you can’t make this stuff up, even if you tried!

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I hope you all liked “Still Brain Dead & Cooking” as much as you liked my first book. Sven falling through the ceiling into our daughter’s bedroom last week, only to break the fall thanks to an ugly-ass pink oranguntan that cost 8500 tickets from Dave & Buster the night before and breaking 4 ribs, only gives me material for my third book, “Forever Brain Dead”!…I’m just thinking about what kind of rib recipe I can do in honor of him for that chapter…the guy doesn’t eat beef or “pig”?!?   Let me know if any of you have any suggestions! HAPPY NEW...

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I’m so excited to have been chosen to be in this new fabulous book!

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It’s a huge honor…I think?!?   I’ll let you know when the book comes out.

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