You'll Laugh. You'll Cry. You'll Cook!



I love hearing what people have to say about my books. I promise they are 100% true!


Laura Ray has irresistible charm and wit.  Her stories about aging and self-reinvention are bittersweet and sympathetic and her recipes look…delicious!

 Deborah Schneider –  Gelfman Schneider / ICM Partners 


They are so good… funny… and real

Brain Dead in the Burbs & Still Brain Dead & Cooking“I am reading these books…and they are so good…funny….and real…I met the author Laura Edwards-Ray and she gave me these books to read and she has a recipes for all the up and downs women go through. ..but it is so much more than cooking… I have not enjoyed reading something like these books since 7L….This woman ROCKS IT!!!!!”

Cheryl Jaycox
Co-Founder at The Hive 44 St. Louis Business Co-Working Center


Laura has written either the funniest of cookbooks or the most appetizing of memoirs. Either way, this book is filled with funny, wise, and mouth-watering treats that range from the adventure of Grandma Joanie’s Famous Meatballs to the Top Ten Things You Will Never See in Branson, Missouri. Enjoy!

Michael A. Kahn -award-winning author of the Rachel Gold mystery series


 Nobody knows mishegas better than Laura Ray, who spills her delicious secrets about life in her hysterical book “Brain Dead in the Burbs and Cooking Your Way Back to Sanity.”  and now “Still Brain Dead & Cooking”  These must-read memoirs kept me laughing and eating so that I forgot about my own problems, that is until I gained 10 pounds from trying out her mouth-watering recipes that are beautifully photographed and relate to each chapter. Just like her chocolate martinis, these books are irresistible, and I can’t wait to take a bite out of Laura’s next one.

Ellie S. Grossman –  Author of “Mishegas of Motherhood. Raising Children To Leave The Nest As Long As They Come Home For Dinner.”


Brain Dead in the Burbs and Cooking Your Way Back to Sanity, a Memoir, by Laura Roodman-Edwards-Roodman-Edwards-Roodman-Ray is a true gift! It’s like two books in one, a cook book and collection of humorous personal essays that every woman will enjoy. You’ll have to read the book to understand the reason behind the author’s name. I laughed until my sides hurt. The wonderful recipes she included in each chapter added to my delight. Those Unbelievably Delicious Blueberry Bars ARE unbelivably delicious. This book gets two thumbs up from me. I am not being compensated in any way to promote this laugh-out-loud book.

Linda O’Connell
Contributing Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”
Co-Creator of “Not Your Mother’s Book….On Family”


Fan Reviews


Dear Laura,

I finished your book, WONDERFUL!, GREAT! FELT YOUR WONDERFUL HUMOR AGAIN!  CRIED!  LAUGHED, LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!     Thank you!!  I can’t wait to read the next book published.   My words to you…  I am so so proud to call you my friend!!  You made it GIRLFRIEND!!   Your book not only gave me laughter, it gave me HOPE!  Although I believe you have a few years with the hormonal daughter thing, good luck!  I just live with stinky boys!! But then again, gotta love them.  You have such a beautiful family!  It’s been so fun sharing with you these last few days.  I wish I could HUG you!!

Lots of Hugs and Love,

Linda F.

Castle Rock, Colorado


Ok it’s been days house is a mess, my family is hungry and I have to pee..but who cares! I’m not moving till I finish “Still Brain Dead & Cooking”!! I love it! And BTW the Nutty Caramel Balls are going with me to the Sigma Chi Parents Dinner next month. Thank you for all the laughs! My family thinks I’m nuts.

Stephanie Coleman


Dear Laura,

I’m so excited.  I got my autographed books today.  I’m so excited and just read the first few chapters.  I love the hymen chapter with the teachers. I can just see it. I so love your sense of humor. I will be reading today. I know that you are going to be famous one day!

Much Love,

Your New BFF, Teri Hartley Emans


OK, I am not the target audience of the book… disclosure aside, this is a wonderful view from inside the hub of a scene of  chaos, love, joy,sorrow,fun, trials (i.e., life).  I applaud her courage in sharing her life and her thoughts.  And just between us, I like the edgy Erma Bombeck style.

– —  Scott Watson


I just finished your book!   It was AWESOME!   It was so great.  What a life you have lead.  I didn’t want it to end.  You are very talented .   If it was up to me, this book should be on Oprah!   I can’t wait until your next one!

Cathy Chavez, –  St. Paul, Minnesota


Happy New Year Lou. I thought you might like to read my sisters email to me about your book. She REALLY liked the recipes in the book. My daughter Christy read it and said it was great and very well written. She made the heath bar cake too. Another friend told me she couldn’t put it down because it was so funny. You did a great job!

Just remember your friends when your book is on the top ten list and you’re on the Today show!!!!!! You gotta dream big!

Love ya,   Jo K.


I read the book on my way to Lawrenceville this past weekend… very funny stuff! There are several recipes I’m going to try as well. I just gave the book to Jennifer with a note for her to read chapter 14… it’s the one about her “aha” moment.  She talks about being a stepmother and includes a note to all her friends.. if you’re thinking about marrying a guy with kids and the ex-wife is not dead… don’t do it. I thought this chapter was especially appropriate for Jenn at this time in her life (even though she’s far from thinking about marrying the guy with three little kids). I’d love to meet Laura some day!



Your book is hilarious!!!  I enjoyed every page.  Even though I do not have kids, I do have 14 nieces & nephews that I am very close to.  I can relate to some of the stories. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes also.  If Oprah was going to be on TV for a while, I bet you would have been on her book club.  Thank you for writing the book.

Debi H – Eagan, Minnesota


Your book is very insightful, I laughed out loud several times (in the doctor’s office with my mom  on Monday afternoon). You write about things most people only think – but never dare say. OMG!!! I was married to a P.D. – actually he was a P.J. (not to be confused with the clothing). I was very naive and trusting when I was younger, believed everything I was told (who’d of thunk) – no matter who’s mouth it came out of. OMG!!!  I too had G.T.  (I think somewhere between 30 & 35 I was “cured” – if I figure that out, I’ll let you know). Wow, I too had to “divorce” a friend – she had been the closest friend I had (did you notice the past tense?).

Lisa O


Thanks so much for sending your book and the signed inscription. I read the whole thing from cover to cover last night in one sitting. And you’re right…I laughed, I cried and then I wanted to cook! It was so fun reading the hilarious stories. I absolutely LOVED the book and can’t wait for the next installment of your memoirs. You are an inspiration and I’m so proud to call you my new friend!!!

Debbie K.


OK you all know that I read all the time.. no duh. Well last night I found myself reading until 1:30 am. and laughing out loud. If you’re looking for a fun book to read pick up Brain Dead in the Burbs and Cooking Your Way Back to Sanity by Laura Roodman Edwards Roodman Edwards Roodman Ray (aka Laura Ray).   I must admit in full disclosure (the attorney in me comes out at the oddest times) that Laura is a good friend of mine. That being said it’s still a super fun read!  If  you think crazy stuff happens to you- just wait until you “meet’ Laura and hear about her life!  You’ll be laughing out loud and feeling like you have a new BFF.  The recipes are wonderful too! (I’ve had about 1/2 of them– YUM)  I was lucky enough to have a freshly minted copy of the book  hand delivered by the author herself but the book will be available in Borders and Barnes and Noble in  the next few days.  If  you can’t face hitting another store (or if you are like me and it’s a true danger zone to enter a bookstore) you can go to her website and order a copy. (And no I don’t get  a cut… !)  This is the perfect book for any gal who needs a pick-me-up and would make a fun holiday gift!


I am so excited that Laura has come out of the “Burbs” and has cooked her way into our hearts! Her honest portrayal of her life’s ups and downs had me in fits of laughter while crying at the very same time. After trying some of her delicious recipes, I am so thankful that she has shared that part of her life with her readers as well. WHAT A BONUS!!! I hope she still has stories to tell and a second book is coming!


Ever had one of those days that you wish you could write about? That is exactly what Laura has done. She takes a crazy “can’t believe this happened to me day” and has somehow found the time to write about it! This book is down to earth (especially Chapter 3) which causes outbursts of laughter. Each chapter is followed up with an outrageously fabulous recipe. I’ve not only reviewed the book, but sampled all the recipes too. You can read this book from cover to cover or savor each chapter as you find the time to read. Bring this book to a Holiday Gift Exchange or to read at your Book Club. Bon appetite!


You know those stories you share with only your VERY best friends because they’re either 1) too funny, 2) too embarrassing or 3) no one would believe them if you told them? Well that sums up this book! In only pages it feels like you have a new BFF, Laura, and she’s telling you her funny, embarrassing and “wow that really happened?!!??” stories!! The chapters are short but like opening your favorite bag of chips, you just can’t stop with one or two, you have to keep going until you’ve killed the bag (or in this case the book!). The recipes she offers to “cook your way back to sanity” are wonderful – simple and delicious- and it has great pictures showing what the finished dishes looks like. I love that you can tell that she makes wonderful food but like most of us she doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to complex recipes with rare ingredients.


I read the first few chapters of this book and knew-LAURA IS THE NEXT ERMA BOMBECK!!!!!! RUN don’t walk to get this book!!! Make sure you go to a book signing on this one, and get her autograph because she is going to be famous very soon!!


This is Teri.   Do you remember me? I was the recipient of your mom’s and Bab’s Generosity Tourette’s and lived with your family while Babs and I attended the University of MO. (Using the word “attended” loosely). Gwendolyn sent me your book and I just ordered my daughter one from Amazon. Loved it –  laughed and cried. Bottom line, I live in Jacksonville and if you still owe Olive Garden I will take cash to Arlene at Olive Garden . Kind of a Generosity Tourettes paying forward.   Do you think around $400?   So proud of you.  Where the heck is the sequel you promised?